Tuition Fees
Regency Christian College is affordable and is one of the   nation's   Christian  colleges   with  the  lowest tuition and  yet  have  not  sacrificed  the quality of the program.  The tuition for each credit is:

   $35 per credit hour OR  $105 per course
    (All undergraduate degree plans)

   $70 per credit hour OR $280 per course
    (All post graduate degree plans)

A  registration fee of $20  is  to  be  included  when registering for the total program.  This is  one time fee and is not required for each semester.

Because Regency Christian College is not  accredited by a regional accreditation,  we  are unable to  offer federal financial aid.  Regency  Christian  College  is authorized by the Florida Council of Private Colleges to  grant  degrees  as  permitted  by  the  State   of Florida statutes.

Transfer  of  credits  to   other institutions is  solely based on the receiving institution's discretion.  It is recommended  that  a  student  complete  a  degree before attempting to transfer to another college.  

Payment plans are available, however no degree can be awarded until all financial obligations are met.

Ministerial discounts may apply to  individuals  who are involved in active ministry such  as  missionary work, pastoral work, christian counseling, chaplains,
and evangelistic work.