Degree Programs
There are  several  degree plans to choose from and they are customized to fit the calling God has placed on your life:
  Certificate Level:   30 credits or 10 courses
  Associate Degree:  60 credits or 20 courses
  Bachelor   Degree: 120 credits or 40 courses
  Masters    Degree:  36 credits beyond Bachelors

The various fields of study include:
  Missions (home and foreign)   Christian Education
  Theological Studies                 Christian Counseling
  Biblical Studies                       Christian Pyschology
  Pastoral Studies                      Children/Youth
  Church Administration             Church Growth

Each    applicant    will   recieve   a   free   academic evaluation to  determine which level  of study  would be most suitable. For example, an applicant who has earned    an     Associate   degree   from   a   secular institution  would  be  accelerated  into  our Bachelor degree program.  In  a  different  case, an applicant who  has  no  college  history  but  has  been  in  the ministry for years would  be  recommended  for  the Associate degree program.  An applicant would send his/her   resume   with    life    experiences       and college/military credits earned -- for determination.

The degrees that are offered are for religious vocation and these are:

       Certificate of Biblical/Theological Studies
           30 credits
       Associates of Biblical/Theological Studies
           60 credits
       Diploma of Biblical/Theological Studies
           90 credits
       Bachelor of Religious Arts
       Bachelor of Biblical/Theological Studies
           120 credits
       Master of Theological Studies
       Master of Religious Arts
            36 credits beyond Bachelor level


Regency Christian College does not discriminate on the basis of religious preference, race, ethnicity or beliefs.

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