REGENCY CHRISTIAN COLLEGE offers a variety of services to meet the needs of the local church.  Contact our office at (904)745-3294 for more information about accessing these services:
1.  Stewardship Campaign -- Our  skilled  staff  can   organize  your church in a 
     stewardship campaign to raise large funds for building projects, remodeling
     projects, missions or media ministry.
2.  Ministerial Association --  The church may need to join a network of churches
     in order to secure fellowship, accountability, training with a number of other
     churches across the nation. This department provides ministerial training
     and credentials for those in active ministry.  It also provides sample charters,
     and how to apply for 501c3 status.  Also, the network provides confidential
     counseling to ministers who may need a listening ear.
3.  Church Consultation -- Some churches may become stagnated in their growth
     and can not seem to grow beyond a certain numeric membership. Our
     consultants can evaluate, diagnose and provide clear direction for new
     growth.  This process is more than just church growth principles in that it
     looks at the systemic process at work in the church and lays out a plan for
     positive, lasting change.
4.  Apostolic Committee --  Many churches are realizing the importance of an
     apostolic covering for their church.  Regency networks with apostolic
     ministries who can provide a covenantal covering for your ministry and/or
     the local church.
5.  Start Your Own Bible College -- Regency offers a turn key manual on how to
     start your own Bible College in the local church.  Regency will grant the
     degrees to those students who complete the required courses and the
     student and the finances stay in the local church.
6.  Speaker Resources -- Regency has a large network of ministers who are able
     to work with your local church to equip the saints for the work of the
     ministry.  We have excellent Bible teachers, prolific preachers,
     motivational speakers as well as those gifted with counseling through the
     ministering of the Word.